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3/19/07 07:02 pm

not much new. just got back from Victoria with Jake.

2/5/07 09:21 pm

Not much to update on. Things are a bit rocky, and who knows, the world might just end sometime in the next month, you've got-to love natural disaster.. On the bright side of things I found new music, CocoRosie, to relate to (believe it or not its not easy for me to find) and I finished The Glass Castle, the best book I've ever read. I don't write in this much, nobody reads it anyway. Would I want a lot of people reading my journal? Not really.

1/6/07 11:51 am

So, last night I hung out with Gracie. It's so good to catch up with her. Shes basically the only person I can spill my heart out to without feeling liked I'm being judged in some form or another; i just love her so much. I could never ask for more from someone, and I know that we will always have such an amazing and close relationship. Claire, Madi, Gracie and I all did the Pathfinder last night, it's funny how it works best with us four; so clearly and quickly... but when it's just Gracie and I it's slower (Which is kind of a disappointment but it still works just fine). Maybe I should stop wanting to know all of my life answers and just wait and see. Either way, I love that I have the opportunity to connect through energy and spirit with another source of energy that seems to know everything that I've ever been and will be. I find I'm becoming more spiritual each day.

1/2/07 08:16 pm

I am not crazy.
I am not crazy.
I am not crazy.
I am not crazy.
I am not crazy.
Crazy not am I

1/2/07 08:13 pm - c o

co co co cococococo oh-a

Lifes good. Unless I'm out of it, otherwise we'll see when the future happens happens happens.
The future: Not a topic I'd like to talk about. Lets talk about now

12/25/06 09:41 pm

New Years was really fun. I love you guys
two thousand seven

12/22/06 06:04 pm


12/22/06 06:03 pm

Christmas cards, christmas cards
I love to see the pretty christmas cards;
bringing you, sweet regards

12/18/06 11:42 pm

Oh and Saturday was our one year, it was just about the worst senerio that could've happened. I'm pretending some other day is our one year, because saturday sure wasn't

12/18/06 11:39 pm

Today was odd, i cleaned off that dresser thats been piling up for what looked like years.. now it's too bare. I have to find some stuff to put on it again. Anyway, I didn't enjoy slitting my thumb open on my jewelery box frame; had fun in yoga though.

12/13/06 06:29 am

So many highs and lows I'm starting to lose track. Maybe I'll lean toward the highs for now, watch that one slip to a low all over again. No pot for 4 whole days, what an accomplishment for myself. I should probably break that accomplishment soon though, before I freak out at another rude kid again. Fuck Gracie, I love you.

12/10/06 06:38 pm

We went on the Ladysmith Christmas Sail Past on Harmen's boat. It was so fun! We sang Christmas carols and drank hot chocolate. It put me in the holiday spirit.

12/6/06 01:49 am

I want to go to Egypt and when I do, it will be the best experience of my life.

12/6/06 01:47 am

I can't get the sweets or warrior out of my head. They just won't leave; it's been weeks..

12/5/06 06:58 am

So what's even happened since I last wrote? I wonder who I'm really even asking this question(?) It snowed some more, Jake had to stay over for a week because of the snow..and work. work work work. P.S. I want some more close friends, ANY TAKERS? ahh

11/27/06 05:41 am

This weekend was lovely. Jake and I were snowed in alone the whole weekend. He couldn't go home tonight (Sunday) because of the snow. Damn.. . haha; i love it

11/26/06 12:09 am

It's snowing so much right now
(not sarcastic)

11/21/06 02:03 am

today was weird. I want to go to Egypt. I want to go a lot of places I'm not going..

11/20/06 03:16 am

This weekend flew by, but it was really good. Friday I didn't have to work and went to Jake's, the only thing I really remember doing was making pancakes and having some wine and a hottub before bed. Saturday I came home around noon and prepared for Madi's birthday party. She only wanted Marie, Steph, Claire, and Gracie over, but it was really fun. We got wasted, danced to good music and some other kind of music (I think it was East Indian?).That might just be my new kind of music; not all of it (I hate the Pop stuff) but a lot of it is amazing. Didn't do much today rested, played video games with Gracie and did some Socials. Oh, and its been decided that gin is really good

11/16/06 11:41 pm

I'm at work, I start in 35 minutes and won't be home until 8:30... it's been a long day. When I get home I'm going to watch Csi, do some homework if I get to it, have a long hot bath, and go to sleep. Yep, that's what I'll do.

11/16/06 06:45 am

I miss Alisha, I havn't seen her for too long now. I love her like ice cream

11/16/06 06:37 am

I've fallen for someone new, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, sorry Jake; Karen O is fuckin hot.

11/16/06 03:01 am

Today was fun, and I'm sure will stay that way. Kali came over, we got high and just hung out, watched a movie (and I fell asleep) but only because it was well needed. It was such a good power nap, you know the ones where you wake up so rested with that tingly sort of feeling? Ya that.. anyways more fun is in store for us. Maybe because of my nap I won't be so tired at school tomorrow. that would be nice. Oh, and the flooding is really starting to get to me.

11/14/06 04:53 am

I guess I'm in the mood for writing today. I'm more excited about Christmas this year than ever before! My holiday cheer has already begun.. but I still don't agree with those stupid people who decide to put their lights up in mid-November, why do they do that? Why?

11/14/06 04:51 am

Ohh and I've been seeing Kali a lot more lately. I love her I love her I love her I love her and more

11/14/06 04:47 am

So I havn't written much since the summer.. are my hands full, or am I procrastinating again? I dare not say. Anyways the only interesting things I can recall happening are :

1) Jakes birthday (it was good) I GOT TO MAKE THE BALOON STREAMERS
2) Halloween; we went to see fireworks, beautiful and maybe a little romantic. orr was it
3)Saw lots of lame fights at school. Yay, I'm in a school full of immature, crazy, he said she said and they said but she said and so on childish fucking idiots. If I didn't know better I would've thought I were in elementary school again, or have I just grown up. Maybe I'm just crazy like all of you..

10/18/06 12:06 am

Shit sucks.

Rest in peace Holly
I know you're more than your fate

10/1/06 11:35 am

mmm mmmr noodles

9/19/06 04:45 pm

rhcp were soo good

vancouver was fun

cant really think of anything else to type right now except that i cut my hair ever shorter and thats the end good night

9/13/06 11:17 pm

take THAT!
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